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April 25 2017

Fast and Loose
by Stuart Woods
368 pages
Stone Barrington is enjoying a boating excursion off the Maine coast when a chance encounter leaves him somewhat the worse for
wear. Always able to find the silver lining in even the unhappiest circumstances, Stone is pleased to discover that the authors of his
misfortune are, in fact, members of a prestigious family who present a unique business opportunity, and who require a man of
Stone’s skills to overcome a sticky situation of their own. The acquaintance is fortuitous indeed, for as it turns out, Stone and his
new friends have an enemy in common. He’s the sort of man who prefers force to finesse, and who regards any professional defeat
as a personal and intolerable insult. And when Stone’s sly cunning collides with his adversary’s hair­trigger­temper, the results are
sure to be explosive...

Golden Prey
by John Sandford
400 pages
Thanks to some very influential people whose lives he saved, Lucas is no longer working for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal
Apprehension but for the U.S. Marshals Service. He gets to pick his own cases, whatever they are, wherever they lead him. And
where they’ve led him this time is into real trouble. A Biloxi, Mississippi, drug­cartel counting house gets robbed, and suitcases full
of cash disappear, leaving behind five bodies, including that of a six­year­old girl. Davenport takes the case, which quickly spirals
out of control, as cartel assassins compete with Davenport to find the Dixie Hicks shooters who knocked over the counting house.
Things get ugly real fast, and neither the cartel killers nor the holdup men care about whose lives Davenport might have saved; to
them, he’s just another large target.

No Easy Target
by Iris Johansen
352 pages
Margaret Douglas has worked hard to put her painful past behind her. Raised off the grid in an abusive home, her only escape was
the nearby forest where she sought refuge whenever she could. There, in the peaceful woods, she discovered a strange gift: the
ability to understand animals and to communicate with them. Now Margaret wants nothing more than to live a quiet life, but her
abilities have not gone unnoticed and there are those who would use them for their own purposes. Every time someone gets too
close, Margaret uproots her life and outruns them. When John Lassiter breaks into Margaret’s apartment, she vanishes again, but
Lassiter has good reason to be persistent. One of his CIA men is being held captive by an unrelenting enemy who has set his sights
on Margaret. Which means that Lassiter must control her to use her as bait.

The Stars Are Fire
by Anita Shreve
256 pages
In October 1947 after a summer long drought, fires break out all along the Maine coast from Bar Harbor to Kittery and are soon
racing out of control from town to village. Five months pregnant, Grace Holland is left alone to protect her two toddlers when her
husband, Gene, joins the volunteer firefighters. Along with her best friend, Rosie, and Rosie's two young children, Grace watches
helplessly as their houses burn to the ground, the flames finally forcing them all into the ocean as a last resort. The women spend
the night frantically protecting their children, and in the morning find their lives forever changed: homeless, penniless, awaiting
news of their husbands' fate, and left to face an uncertain future in a town that no longer exists.

High Stakes
by Fern Michaels
278 pages
Investigative reporter Dennis West joined forces with the men of the Sisterhood to help fight corruption and greed on behalf of
underdogs everywhere. Now he and his band of brothers are on a mission to help an old friend in danger: Toby Mason was a whipsmart
college nerd, nothing like the buff dancer at the Supper Club who’s reached out to Dennis. The owners of the Supper Club
adult­entertainment franchise have expanded their empire through tours, contests, and calendars. But Toby suspects the Supper
Clubs offer a convenient front for a major drug trafficking operation, and those suspicions have become known to his employers. At
the top­secret headquarters of BOLO Consultants, Dennis, Jack, Abner, Ted, Harry, and the rest of the crew gather to formulate a
plan that will mean going deep undercover.

The Red Hunter
by Lisa Unger
368 pages
Claudia Bishop’s perfect life fell apart when the aftermath of a brutal assault left her with a crumbling marriage, a newborn
daughter, and a constant sense of anxiety. Now, looking for a fresh start with a home restoration project and growing blog, Claudia
takes on a crumbling old house that unbeknownst to her has an ugly history. For Zoey Drake the defining moment of her childhood
was the horrific home invasion murder of her parents. Years later, she has embraced the rage that fuels her. Training in the martial
arts has made her strong and ready to face the demons from the past. Strangers to each other, and walking very different paths in the
wake of trauma, these two women are on a collision course ­­ because Zoey’s past nightmare and Claudia’s dreams for her future
take place in the very same house.

by Lisa Jackson/Nancy Bush/Rosalind Noonan
384 pages
In the photograph, three teenage girls splash in the lake on a sweltering summer evening. Shiloh, Kat, and Ruth are unaware of the
man who spies on them from the woods. They have no idea how their lives will be changed by the brutal violence that follows and
the vow of secrecy they take. Fifteen years later, Ruth and Shiloh have both returned to Prairie Creek, Wyoming, where Kat is
deputy sheriff. Though they’ve tried to leave their shared past behind, each has the feeling that someone is lurking in the shadows. When a local girl vanishes, Kat is convinced there’s a connection to that long ago night. But as the friends unite to find the missing
teenager, a killer sends a chilling message. He’s still there. And he hasn’t forgotten.

by Sara Paretsky
448 pages
To her parents, she's Victoria Iphigenia. To her friends, she's Vic. But to clients seeking her talents as a detective, she's V.I. And her
new case will lead her from her native Chicago... and into Kansas, on the trail of a vanished film student and a faded Hollywood
star. Accompanied by her dog, V.I. tracks her quarry through a university town, across fields where missile silos once flourished —
and into a past riven by long­simmering racial tensions, a past that holds the key to the crimes of the present. But as the mysteries
stack up, so does the body count. And in this, her toughest case, not even V.I. is safe.

Anything Is Possible
by Elizabeth Strout
272 pages
Here are two sisters: One trades self­respect for a wealthy husband while the other finds in the pages of a book a kindred spirit who
changes her life. The janitor at the local school has his faith tested in an encounter with an isolated man he has come to help; a
grown daughter longs for mother love even as she comes to accept her mother’s happiness in a foreign country; and the adult Lucy
Barton returns to visit her siblings after seventeen years of absence.

Any Day Now
by Robyn Carr
336 pages
For Sierra Jones, Sullivan's Crossing is meant to be a brief stopover. She's put her troubled past behind her but the path forward isn't
yet clear. A visit with her big brother Cal and his new bride, Maggie, seems to be the best option to help her get back on her feet.
Not wanting to burden or depend on anyone, Sierra is surprised to find the Crossing offers so much more than a place to rest her
head. Cal and Maggie welcome her into their busy lives and she quickly finds herself bonding with Sully, the quirky campground
owner who is the father figure she's always wanted. But when her past catches up with her, it's a special man and an adorable puppy
who give her the strength to face the truth and fight for a brighter future.

Heat Storm
by Richard Castle
320 pages
Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm team up for the first time to save Nikki's mother, Cynthia, who has been in hiding (and presumed
dead) for 17 years. Standing in their way is a nefarious group of Chinese businessmen known as the Shanghai Seven, who have the
resources ­­ and ruthlessness ­­ to stop them.

by Brian Freeman
408 pages
On a rainy June morning, tens of thousands of people crowd into Duluth for the city's annual marathon. Exhausted runners push to
reach the finish line and spectators line the streets to cheer them on. Then there is an explosion along the race course, leaving many
people dead and injured. Within minutes, the FBI is working to find the terrorists behind the tragedy. As social media feeds a flood
of rumors and misinformation, one spectator remembers being jostled by a young man with a backpack not far from the bomb site.
He spots a Muslim man in a tourist's photo of the event and is convinced that this was the man who bumped into him in the crowd,
but now the backpack is missing. When he tweets the photo to the public, the young man, Khan Rashid, becomes the most wanted
man in the city. But are the answers behind the Duluth bombing more complex?

The American Spirit
by David McCullough
192 pages
Over the course of his distinguished career, David McCullough has spoken before Congress, the White House, colleges and
universities, historical societies, and other esteemed institutions. Now, at a time of self­reflection in America following a bitter
election campaign that has left the country divided, McCullough has collected some of his most important speeches in a brief
volume designed to identify important principles and characteristics that are particularly American. 

Old School
by Bill O'Reilly & Bruce Feirstein
192 pages
The TV personality takes a stand against the "snowflakes" of younger generations and their shortfall of values

April 18, 2017

The Fix by David Baldacci
The Burial Hour by Jeffrey Deaver
Finding Gideon b y Eric Jerome Dickey
The Whole Foods Diet  by John Mackey
Two From The Heart  by James Patterson
One Perfect Lie b y Lisa Scotoline
The Night The Lights Went Out by Karen White

​April 11, 2017

The Last Chance Olive Ranch by Susan Wittig Albert
The Hollywood Daughter by Kate Alcott
Death Of A Ghost by M.C. Beaton
The Lost Order by Steve Berry
Vicious Circle by CJ Box
Miramar Bay  by David Bunn
Pekoe Most Poison by Laura Childs
All By Myself, Alone by MAry Higgins Clark
The Devil's Triangle by Catherine Coulter
The Cutthroat by Clive Cussler
The Girl Before by JP Delaney
South And West by Joan Didion
The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince by Mayte Garcia
A Perfect Obsession by Heather Graham
Gunmetal Grey by Mark Greaney
Wait For Dark by Kay Hooper
Mississippi Blood byu Greg Iles
Man Overboard by J.A. Jance

Heartbreak Hotel by Jonathan Kellerman
The Loving Husband by CHristopher Kent
The Couple Next Door by Sari Lapena
If Not For You by Debbie Macomber
Forever A Hero  by Linda Lael Miller
Never Trust A Stranger by Mary Monroe
Humans, Bow Down by James Patterson & Emily Raymond
Black Book by James Patterson
Miss Julia Weathers The Storm by Ann B. Ross
The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Linda See
War Cry by Wilbur Smith
My Italian Bulldozer by Alexander McCall Smith
The Will To Kill by Mickey Spillane and Max Allen Collins
Dangerous Games by Danielle Steele
Border Child b y Michael Stone
Racing The Devil by Charles Todd
The Chosen by J.R. Ward
Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens
Before The War by Fay Weldon
Mangrove Lightning by Randy Wayne White
In This Grave Hour by Jacqueline Winspear
Wired To Eat by Robb Wolf


March 1 2017

Most Dangerous Place
by James Grippando
368 pages

Defending a woman accused of murdering the man who sexually assaulted her, Miami lawyer Jack Swyteck must uncover where the truth lies between innocence, vengeance, and justice in this spellbinding tale of suspense—based on shocking true-life events—from the New York Times bestselling author of Gone Again.
According to the FBI, the most dangerous place for a woman between the ages of twenty and thirty is in a relationship with a man. Those statistics become all too personal when Jack Swyteck takes on a new client tied to his past.
It begins at the airport, where Jack is waiting to meet his old high school buddy, Keith Ingraham, a high-powered banker based in Hong Kong, coming to Miami for his young daughter’s surgery. But their long-awaited reunion is abruptly derailed when the police arrest Keith’s wife, Isabelle, in the terminal, accusing her of conspiring to kill the man who raped her in college. Jack quickly agrees to represent Isa, but soon discovers that to see justice done, he must separate truth from lies—an undertaking that proves more complicated than the seasoned attorney expects.
Inspired by an actual case involving a victim of sexual assault sent to prison for the death of her attacker, James Grippando’s twisty thriller brilliantly explores the fine line between victim and perpetrator, innocence and guilt, and cold-blooded revenge and rightful retribution.

Banana Cream Pie Murder
by Joanne Fluke
304 pages

After an extravagant honeymoon, Hannah’s eager to settle down in Lake Eden and turn domestic daydreams into reality. But when her mother’s neighbor is discovered murdered in the condo downstairs, reality becomes a nightmarish investigation. Victoria Bascomb, once a renowned stage actress, was active in the theater community during her brief appearance in town . . . and made throngs of enemies along the way. Did a random intruder murder the woman as police claim, or was a deadlier scheme at play? As Hannah peels through countless suspects and some new troubles of her own, solving this crime—and living to tell about it—might prove trickier than mixing up the ultimate banana cream pie . . .

Bone Box
by Faye Kellerman
432 pages

In this thrilling chapter in Faye Kellerman’s bestselling series, Rina Lazarus makes a shocking discovery in the woods of her upstate New York community that leads her husband, police detective Peter Decker, through a series of gruesome, decades old, unsolved murders, pointing to a diabolical, serial killer who’s been hiding in plain sight.
On a bright and crisp September morning, while walking a bucolic woodland trail, Rina Decker stumbles upon human remains once buried deep beneath the forest grounds. Immediately, she calls her husband, Peter, a former detective lieutenant with LAPD, now working for the local Greenbury Police. Within hours, a vista of beauty and tranquility is transformed into a frenetic crime scene. The body has been interred for years and there is scant physical evidence at the gravesite: a youthful skeleton, a skull wound and long dark strands of hair surrounding the bony frame. As Decker and his partner, Tyler McAdams, further investigate, they realize that they’re most likely dealing with a missing student from the nearby Five Colleges of Upstate—a well-known and well-respected consortium of higher learning where Rina works.
And when more human remains are found in the same area, Decker and McAdams know this isn’t just a one-off murder case. Short-staffed and with no convenient entry into the colleges, Decker enlists Rina’s help to act as the eyes and ears of campus gossip. Winding their way through a dangerous labyrinth of steely suspects and untouchable academics, Decker, McAdams, and Rina race to protect their community from a psychopathic killer still in the area—and on the hunt for a fresh victim.